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Sosomoongoo is Design stationery brand based in Seoul, Korea since 2013. We get an inspiration from Literature, Art and Daily records. The color, material and function of items are determined by the inspirations. Also, We collaborate with young artists and make products with their drawing that might have been locked up in the drawer. It is called so-jak project.
Add. 서울특별시 마포구 망원로 33 (망원동) 2층
[ 03958 ] 2F, 33 Mangwon-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel. +82 - (0)2 - 2274 - 1228
Open Hours Mon.- Fri. 14:00 ~ 20:00
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2018 서울 국제 소싱 페어 (주최:코엑스)
Seoul International Sourcing Fair @Coex Hosted by Coex
2017 런던 디자인 페어 (주최:디자인하우스)
London Design Fair @The Old Truman Brewer London Hosted by Design House Inc.
2017 문화역서울284 '평창의 봄' 기획전 (주최:문화체육관광부)
'Special Exhibition' The Spring Of Pyung Chang @Culture Station Seoul 284 Hosted by Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism
2016 제8회 언리미티드 에디션 (주최:유어마인드)
The 8th Unlimited Edition @Ilmin Art Museum Seoul Hosted by Your-Mind
2016 서울 리빙 디자인 페어 (주최:디자인하우스)
Seoul Living Design Fair @Coex Seoul Hosted by Design House Inc.
2015 제7회 언리미티드 에디션 (주최:유어마인드)
The 7th Unlimited Edition @Ilmin Art Museum Seoul Hosted by Your-Mind
2015 로스엔젤레스 K-SOHO 팝업 스토어 (주최:한국디자인진흥원)
K-SOHO Beverly Hills Pop-Up Store @K-SOHO Los Angeles Hosted by Korean Institute Of Design Promotion
2015 뉴욕 National Stationery Show (주최:한국디자인진흥원)
National Stationery Show @Javits Center New York Hosted by Korean Institute Of Design Promotion
2014 제6회 언리미티드 에디션 (주최:유어마인드)
The 6th Unlimited Edition @Blue Square Seoul Hosted by Your-Mind
2018 이은주 EunJoo Lee
2017 노보듀스 Novoduce
Novoduce Instagram
2016 한기쁨 YOYHAN
2015 이미나 Mina Lee